Storm Navarro is a Latinx author under the pseudonym R.C. Alvarez, the paranormal romance writing team of Jolie de la Cruz and herself. Her first book Unchained Desire released May 2019 with Entangled Publishing. As a novice tamale maker, an expert concha eater, Tom Hardy’s #1 fan, and a loving dog mom, she does her best to channel all that energy into her Own Voice writing.

In undergrad, she published two short stories in the campus literary journal, The Trinity Review – “Red Texas” in 2014 and “What if the Sky was Blue?” in 2015. In 2018, she joined Seton Hill University and earned an M.F.A in their Writing Popular Fiction program, completing a full-length paranormal romance novel as her thesis.

Her familia is made up of two amazing parents, three wild siblings, two crazy dogs, and a buzzard that never seems to leave the yard. Their support over the years has led her to finishing manuscripts, powering through edits, and signing her first contract!

5 Comments on “Bio

  1. Well, I’ll be the first to comment on your about page. I always start here in any case.
    First up, thanks for the visit to the Ark’s spot. Maybe you’ll also like the blog of my Altered Ego? 😉

    Now let me have a squizz around your blog.
    Oh,by the way, you have one of the the coolest names I have ever come across.
    In the same league as Jimi Hendrix.
    Your folks were inspired!

    • Thank you so much for visiting my corner. Your blogs are the bomb. I’ll definitely have to check out this alter ego of yours.
      And thanks for the name compliment! 😀 My parents are pretty dang cool if I do say so myself.

      • Thank the gods your parents weren’t the Zappas!
        You can research that yourself! LOL!

  2. Great name, Storm! I dig your writing and the fact you tackle all subjects. Cool, well I just wanted to give a good dimwitted hello. Cheers.

    • Thanks! For all of it. Viewing my blog, digging it, saying hello and complimenting my name. I can’t believe I never replied to this. Great to meet you though.

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