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Who Asked Us?
The Unsolicited Opinions of Two Romance Authors

Blue-Collar vs. White-Collar: episode 1.18 Who Asked Us?

This week, mom and I get into what kinds of careers a romance author can give their heroes/heroines. Whether it's being in charge, behind a desk, or working with their hands!
  1. Blue-Collar vs. White-Collar: episode 1.18
  2. Procrastination station: episode 1.17
  3. Mothers: episode 1.16
  4. Sports in Romance: episode 1.15
  5. Movement & Creativity w/ Lyssa: episode 1.14
  6. Plotting vs Pantsing: episode 1.13
  7. The Importance of Community: episode 1.12
  8. Top Ten Female Celebrities; episode 1.11
  9. Top Ten Male Celebrities: episode 1.10
  10. Man's Best Friend (and Other Furry Creatures): episode 1.9
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