Two Romance Authors Talk About Plotting vs Pantsing: episode 1.13

Are you a plotter? Do you write by the seat of your pants? Or do you do a bit of both? In this episode, we talk about the different processes in which a writer actually writes their story! 

Two Romance Authors Talk About the Importance of Community

Writing can be a solitary endeavor. We delve into our own minds to find that creativity, that imagination, that muse. It is our art. But we don’t have to do it alone! Some writers find critique groups. Some writers host writing sprints and brainstorming sessions. In today’s episode, mom and I talk about our own groups and how creating community can help the writing process.  

Two Romance Authors ShareTheir Top Ten: Female Celebrities; episode 1.11

“I am a woman / Phenomenally / Phenomenal woman / That’s me.” –Maya Angelou.

Last time we did our top ten favorite male celebrities. So this time, we wanted to celebrate female celebrities we look up to. Did we forget any good ones? Let us know if you agree with our lists, or if you have female icons of your own that we didn’t mention!

Two Romance Authors Share Their Top Ten Male Celebrity Lists: episode 1.10

Hugh Jackman. Idris Elba. Tom Hardy. Jason Mamoa. What do these dream boats have in common? Probably how obsessed we are with them. Come suffer an hour of me and my mom listing off our top male celebrities. Do you agree with us? Are we totally wrong? Did we forget someone?? (WINSTON DUKE, FORGIVE ME!)

Two Romance Authors Talk About Man’s Best Friend (and Other Furry Creatures): episode 1.9

Woof! Today mom and I talk about animals! The pets we love to have and the critters we love to write about. Especially how animal characters can be utilized in good romance novels. 

Writing and Reading with Dyslexia: episode 1.8

What is it like to read with dyslexia? What if you’re an author with a writing disability?? In this episode, we talk to my sister Katrina and her fiancé Mark about their dyslexia. And Jolene discusses dealing with dysgraphia as a published author! 

Let’s Talk about tacos and Love Languages: episode 1.7

Words of affirmation. Acts of service. Receiving gifts. Quality time. Physical touch. We LOVE love languages! Join us with my brother Tate as we discuss the five Love Languages from Gary Chapman and how it can be incorporated into real life AND romance novels. 


A Lowcountry Bride by Preslaysa Williams: Book Review

A love letter to Charleston. A love letter to heritage. 5/5 stars!

A Lowcountry Bride was the delicious Lowcountry slowburn that gave me fireworks at the end. This may have been my first time reading a full work from Preslaysa Williams, but it feels like I’ve known her characters for a lifetime. The community, the family, and the love was all real and came off the page like a much needed warm hug after the mess of a year we’ve had.

I fell in love with Derek from the very first line where he’s introduced to the reader. “Captain Derek T. Sullivan stood prepared for battle against another Lowcountry bridezilla ready to attack.” I rooted for his relationship with Maya to work so badly I couldn’t put down the book as I got closer and closer to the end!

And I fell in love with Maya the moment she struggled to stand up to Laura who well deserved it. I’ve been there myself, afraid to be true to who I am and my heritage. Maya is relatable on a deep level, giving a voice to those who have been voiceless for too long. Preslaysa does an amazing job honoring the past, her ancestors, while giving a hopeful look to the future.

These characters are no strangers to loss, each one struggling with their own wants and needs. But Preslaysa balances their pain with faith. Faith in God and each other. Even if it took them several chapters to reach the light that they find in the communion of their love for one another, that only made it so much more rewarding by the time I reached the end.

I have been so blessed to be able to read this book before its release on June 1st! Every one of these characters are my family now too, and I can’t wait to see more from Preslaysa Williams in the future.


Want more about Preslaysa Williams? Find her and A Lowcountry Bride through the links below!







It’s a Man’s World, Can Women Write It? Male POV: episode 1.6

As romance authors, we tend to write in both female and male POV. We’ve seen the memes and posts online about male authors describing women and writing in female POV (and failing). Can the same be said for female authors about writing men?? Let’s ask my siblings as they join us in the studio! 

Baking Love! The Culinary Arts in Romance: episode 1.5

FOOD! Food in art, film, literature. Even Bridgerton (surprise, surprise). We talk about it all. Mostly, how food can be used in romance stories to enhance the intimacy and trust between two characters. 

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