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Writing and Reading with Dyslexia: episode 1.8 What is it like to read with dyslexia? What if you’re an author with a writing disability?? In this episode, we talk to my sister Katrina and her fiancé Mark about their dyslexia. And Jolene discusses dealing with dysgraphia as a published author! 

Let’s Talk about tacos and Love Languages: episode 1.7 Words of affirmation. Acts of service. Receiving gifts. Quality time. Physical touch. We LOVE love languages! Join us with my brother Tate as we discuss the five Love Languages from Gary Chapman and how it can be incorporated into real life AND romance… Continue Reading “Let’s Talk about tacos and Love Languages: episode 1.7”

It’s a Man’s World, Can Women Write It? Male POV: episode 1.6 As romance authors, we tend to write in both female and male POV. We’ve seen the memes and posts online about male authors describing women and writing in female POV (and failing). Can the same be said for female authors about writing men??… Continue Reading “It’s a Man’s World, Can Women Write It? Male POV: episode 1.6”

Baking Love! The Culinary Arts in Romance: episode 1.5 FOOD! Food in art, film, literature. Even Bridgerton (surprise, surprise). We talk about it all. Mostly, how food can be used in romance stories to enhance the intimacy and trust between two characters. 

War Movies! Unusual Valentine’s Day Traditions: episode 1.4 Love is love. And we love love! Join us as we give our unsolicited opinions about Valentine’s day, romance, being single, and–you guessed it–BRIDGERTON. Mom can’t go a day without talking about the Duke. But I mean…who can blame her? Next time, we… Continue Reading “War Movies! Unusual Valentine’s Day Traditions: episode 1.4”

Romance Novels Are Bad??: episode 1.3 Join us as we talk about Romance novels (again) and the type of criticism that the romance genre often gets. Is Romance bad? Are there negative affects of the happily ever after “fantasy”?? Let us know what you think! We certainly do.

Virgin River and Bridgerton: book to Netflix adaptation All over the place, but somewhere in the middle we talk about Virgin River, Bridgerton, and how romance is portrayed in television and film. 

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