Welcome to Pacan Valley indeed! 5/5 stars from me!!

Accidentally Family is a story that manages to revolve around many issues through multiple characters without sacrificing their individuality. They feel like real people in a real town and I usually don’t cry when reading a book, but there is definitely a scene between two characters that comes together toward the end that made me tear up.

I rooted for Felicity and Graham the moment they set foot on the page. I felt deeply for the teenagers in the story who struggle with loss, self-worth, and new love. I fell in love with Felicity’s sister and followed along with her secret problems as obsessively as if she was my own sister.

This novel is so beautifully written from the heart. It was heart wrenching but it was also hopeful. With a fictional world full of very real problems, Sasha Summers writes for the voices of those who feel alone. It was hard not to really feel like a part of this fractured family who find light in each other, and I’m glad I got the chance to read this book before it’s release.

If you like Susan Wiggs novels like “Table for Five”, you will love this book! Coming May 2020!

Want more about Sasha Summers? Find her and “Accidentally Family” through the links below!







A Little Thing Called SHUWPF

Today. June 20th. First day of my Residency. What is Residency you ask? It’s hard to explain. SHUWPF!!! I know what you’re thinking. I’m not making up words, I swear. It stands for Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction program.

One week. Seton Hill. A handful of mentors. A small body of student writers. Craft and Genre Modules. Learning how to make our popular fiction novels the best that they can be.

We. Will. Be. Published.

It’s a Master’s program at a great school in Pennsylvania that helps fiction writers of all genre’s sharpen their writing skills. It’s not just academics. It’s a community. A family. A gathering of like-minded creative individuals that both share and learn together. Probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever convinced myself to have.

90% of the classes are done online throughout a semester, but twice a year, before every term, there is Residency. We get to fly to Greensburg and meet up on campus.

At this very moment I’m watching one of my teachers, the immeasurable Lee Tobin McClain, hand out and sign some of her books for students. After a great discussion on conflict in Romance (both overall and minor) with Dr McClain, I’m all fired fired up! Time to crack open that word document and get to typing.

Write on!

They Just Seem a Little Weird

Mommy’s alright. Daddy’s alright. Y’all remember that song?

Just wanted to post a little something about Hurricane Harvey I guess. Since I’m stuck here in San Marcos, right between San Antonio and Austin, I thought I should mention I’m alright. Yes, my parents are alright too. Just saw them today. They dropped off some beans. Weird.

Nothing too dangerous has happened here besides lots and lots and lots of rain. It hasn’t stopped once. Very consistent. Doesn’t get lighter or rain harder. Just more of the same. Thunder goes off every now and then. Lightning is sparse and hardly noticeable. Unless you’re driving around at night when it’s dark. But I’d advise against that.

The wind picked up a few times during the night, but not enough to even break an old twig off a tree. My sympathies are with the coastal region of course. Corpus. Rockport. Port A. Prayers for all you guys. Let’s hope this ends soon.

I’m not sure what to put here

Recently, I was given some very sound advice to keep this blog alive. They aren’t wrong. What would be the point in having it? Why ask people to subscribe if I’m never providing that quality content? I have a Tumblr blog that I consistently drown in old memes, but I’d rather reawaken this monster like good ole Victor Frankenstein. I really have nothing to say today besides that.

So I guess I’ll give you a poem from the archives.


The green of the trees

Envious of clouds floating free

Rooted to the earth, longing for flight

They leap – they fall – fall to the ground

Become the earth that clouds float circles around

The clouds flow along the trails of the wind

Basking in the sun or blanketing the land

Not allowing the trees or grass or insects to see the shining star

Laughing at the green boy’s jealousy.

The branches cradle the leaves

Reaching toward the sky in mutual plea for mercy

But then the clouds grow angry,

Becoming dark and dangerous

Becoming heavy – becoming huge

The earth shivers in protest.

Guilt is a mother’s tears – the clouds tremble

Drops of pale regret tumble down

Soaking the trees – falling to the grass

Bringing them life – life that cycles back around.

Guess Who’s Back

So I could talk about the presidential debate.

I could also talk about how I’ve been eating nothing but shoelaces for the past 3 months.

But I won’t. One: I hate politics. Two: you really don’t wanna know what shoelaces taste like.

Instead, I’m gonna gift you guys with a body positive image of what I really look like. Always be true to yourself and never be ashamed of who you really are. Shout out to my home boy Bart!


A small preview…

Life With Jessie

So I have finished writing the first lengthy novel in a series and although I am totally stoked on the novel and can’t wait to send it out to agents – I’m just… I’m not ready to let it go yet. So I have taken a step back from the series and started working on another small novella, though it seems to be turning out to be less of a novella and more like another stand alone novel. This novella/novel whatever it ends up turning out to be has been smooth sailing, it has been easy to write, probably because it is based on true events in my life that have been impossible to erase from memory.

I figure this project will be finished within the next 2 week and will be released to be an e-book instantly available for everyone. So in celebration of this huge light in my…

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At the Beach

Really dunno what else to put. The title says it all, huh? Guess I should’ve been more clever with it. Well I don’t have pictures, that’s my mom’s job. I mean, I guess I could steal the camera every now and then, but I have a flip video recorder myself. Unfortunately, it takes a little bit longer to record and edit a video than it does a photo. So if you just bear with me, I’ll get ‘em posted. Until then. Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile…alright, no more creepy faces from here on out.

The Gift of a Closed Door.

Jolene Navarro

We live by faith, not by sight
2 Corinthians 5:7

I’m fascinated with doors, love them. Walking the French Quarter in New Orleans, I took more pictures of doors than anything else.

Doors are strong symbolism for opportunities & rejections. How do we handle an opened door? Afraid of the unknown or do you have the faith to walk through with courage?

How do we react when confronted with a closed door?

There are times we want to bang on the locked door until our fist is bloody and our throat raw, or imagine going Chuck Norris on the thing that keeps us from our perfect life. Denying us what we think we desire the most. The one thing that would make us happy. Oh, but I have learned that closed doors can be the greatest gift, forcing us to find a new path.

Early in our marriage, with two…

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