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Life With Jessie

So I have finished writing the first lengthy novel in a series and although I am totally stoked on the novel and can’t wait to send it out to agents – I’m just… I’m not ready to let it go yet. So I have taken a step back from the series and started working on another small novella, though it seems to be turning out to be less of a novella and more like another stand alone novel. This novella/novel whatever it ends up turning out to be has been smooth sailing, it has been easy to write, probably because it is based on true events in my life that have been impossible to erase from memory.

I figure this project will be finished within the next 2 week and will be released to be an e-book instantly available for everyone. So in celebration of this huge light in my…

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At the Beach

Really dunno what else to put. The title says it all, huh? Guess I should’ve been more clever with it. Well I don’t have pictures, that’s my mom’s job. I mean, I guess I could steal the camera every now and then, but I have a flip video recorder myself. Unfortunately, it takes a little bit longer to record and edit a video than it does a photo. So if you just bear with me, I’ll get ‘em posted. Until then. Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile…alright, no more creepy faces from here on out.

The Gift of a Closed Door.

Jolene Navarro

We live by faith, not by sight
2 Corinthians 5:7

I’m fascinated with doors, love them. Walking the French Quarter in New Orleans, I took more pictures of doors than anything else.

Doors are strong symbolism for opportunities & rejections. How do we handle an opened door? Afraid of the unknown or do you have the faith to walk through with courage?

How do we react when confronted with a closed door?

There are times we want to bang on the locked door until our fist is bloody and our throat raw, or imagine going Chuck Norris on the thing that keeps us from our perfect life. Denying us what we think we desire the most. The one thing that would make us happy. Oh, but I have learned that closed doors can be the greatest gift, forcing us to find a new path.

Early in our marriage, with two…

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Speak Me Wisdom

Speak Me Wisdom

Omegle found Jesus

SARA Café Welcomes Jolene Navarro

Lot’s of good things happening these days. Gotta stop and smell the roses.

Do I Really Need a Hero?


Thanks to Bonnie Tyler and her classic 80’s song, I got into the word “hero” today. She makes damn sure we’re aware she needs a certain type of hero. Is there only one kind? No. In books, plays and movies alike we’ve all come to realize there can definitely be more than one type of hero.

Including a bitterly repulsive ogre that we find out is actually somewhat attractive.

If you squint your eyes…

But, hey. He gets the girl. So who are we to argue with Dreamworks?


This all got me a little obsessed. So I looked the word up on google. My best friend. And I’m not surprised to find the word Hero is described as a person, typically a man, who is admired for courage or noble qualities. Or the chief male character in a book, play, or movie, who is typically identified with good qualities. Typically.

What gave me the giggles was the list of google synonyms. It only had one word. Character.

The only thing a hero is synonymous with is character? Being a character or having character? Who knows? I think it’s kind of funny.

Or maybe my sense of humor has deflated since I posted those horrid Nic Cage blogs.

I’m sure the Comedy and Humor gods are more than willing to punish me for that.

Oh well. Maybe google set that up being well aware that a googler can view the meaning different ways. 

So round and round we go. Life is a mystery. The truth hurts. And love stinks. But before I start talking in circles I’m gonna go make lunch.

Have fun contemplating the universe and all its complexities.

Nicolas Cage – Part 2

Yet another collection of the fantastically fanatical actor, Nic Cage. Let’s take a magic carpet ride through the many more Hollywood projects our crazy friend took on. 




I’m not surprised he managed to fit in such a BIG role such as Yoda in the classic Star Wars films.




Another Harry Potter movie? Shocker…




Lord of the Rings?? What happened to Ian McKellen?




Okay, now it’s just getting weird…




Really Nic? Really?




………………………No comment.


Nicolas Cage – Part 1



I admit. I love Nicolas Cage. What’s not to like? He’s charismatic, entertaining and knows how to take a joke. 

Not to mention…he is literally in every movie ever made. Literally. Seriously…

Like Home Alone. Growing up, I never noticed. But it’s so obvious now.




And Avatar. One of the blue people?




All of the Avengers. Cause he’s always been a great multi-tasker.




In one of the Harry Potter movies…




And even the Black Swan.




Such diversity.

Such talent.

We could all learn just a little bit more from the great Nicolas Cage.

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