Nicolas Cage – Part 1



I admit. I love Nicolas Cage. What’s not to like? He’s charismatic, entertaining and knows how to take a joke. 

Not to mention…he is literally in every movie ever made. Literally. Seriously…

Like Home Alone. Growing up, I never noticed. But it’s so obvious now.




And Avatar. One of the blue people?




All of the Avengers. Cause he’s always been a great multi-tasker.




In one of the Harry Potter movies…




And even the Black Swan.




Such diversity.

Such talent.

We could all learn just a little bit more from the great Nicolas Cage.

21 Comments on “Nicolas Cage – Part 1

      • Conair was one of his best. And Matchstick men.
        But that, what was it Ghostrider? Truly bad.

        Are you well, madam?

      • Lol I think the only one I’ve seen is Ghostrider. I guess that speaks volumes of my generation.

        Oh man, I’m well. Maybe a little loopy from how much story writing I’ve been doing. But that’s normal, right?

      • You are as sane as the next person, Storm. Unfortunately for you the next person is probably me!

        Take long walks tpo clear the head, smell the flowers and what have you.
        Mozart composed some of his best work while he walked in the woods near where he lived.
        Apparently, I wasn’t there.

        You haven’t seen Conair or Matchstick men? Sheesh.
        Well, there’s an excuse to buy some popcorn and rent a couple of DVD’s then?
        Maybe Nic will regain some credibility.
        Oh, and there’s The Rock and Face Off and Lord of War which I thoroughly enjoyed.

      • Awesome! Thanks for the advice AND movie suggestions. 🙂

    • Lol what? No.
      And part 1 means there’s a part 2 coming soon. ;D

  1. Nice work. Reminds me of the movie “Zelig.” I think Nicholas Cage was in that, too. He played Woody Allen.

    My favorite Nicholas Cage by far is “Raising Arizona.” A cult classic!

    • Really? Both of those sound pretty interesting. I’ll have to add them to my movie list. 🙂

      • I was actually joking about “Zelig.” My age is showing. It is a movie where Woody Allen is super-imposed beside historical figures. It’s good, though.

        And definitely check out “Raising Arizona.” Wonderful flick.

      • Oh wow. I feel dumb now. And young. Maybe it’s MY age that’s showing lol.

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