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Welcome to Pacan Valley indeed! 5/5 stars from me!! Accidentally Family is a story that manages to revolve around many issues through multiple characters without sacrificing their individuality. They feel like real people in a real town and I usually don’t cry when reading… Continue Reading “ACCIDENTALLY FAMILY BY SASHA SUMMERS: BOOK REVIEW”

A Little Thing Called SHUWPF

Today. June 20th. First day of my Residency. What is Residency you ask? It’s hard to explain. SHUWPF!!! I know what you’re thinking. I’m not making up words, I swear. It stands for Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction program. One week. Seton Hill.… Continue Reading “A Little Thing Called SHUWPF”

They Just Seem a Little Weird

Mommy’s alright. Daddy’s alright. Y’all remember that song? Just wanted to post a little something about Hurricane Harvey I guess. Since I’m stuck here in San Marcos, right between San Antonio and Austin, I thought I should mention I’m alright. Yes, my parents are… Continue Reading “They Just Seem a Little Weird”

I’m not sure what to put here

Recently, I was given some very sound advice to keep this blog alive. They aren’t wrong. What would be the point in having it? Why ask people to subscribe if I’m never providing that quality content? I have a Tumblr blog that I consistently… Continue Reading “I’m not sure what to put here”

Guess Who’s Back

So I could talk about the presidential debate. I could also talk about how I’ve been eating nothing but shoelaces for the past 3 months. But I won’t. One: I hate politics. Two: you really don’t wanna know what shoelaces taste like. Instead, I’m… Continue Reading “Guess Who’s Back”

A small preview…

Originally posted on Life With Jessie:
So I have finished writing the first lengthy novel in a series and although I am totally stoked on the novel and can’t wait to send it out to agents – I’m just… I’m not ready to let…

Day 2 at the Beach

Day 1 at the Beach

At the Beach

Really dunno what else to put. The title says it all, huh? Guess I should’ve been more clever with it. Well I don’t have pictures, that’s my mom’s job. I mean, I guess I could steal the camera every now and then, but I… Continue Reading “At the Beach”

The Gift of a Closed Door.

Originally posted on Jolene Navarro:
We live by faith, not by sight 2 Corinthians 5:7 I’m fascinated with doors, love them. Walking the French Quarter in New Orleans, I took more pictures of doors than anything else. Doors to Secret Places in New Orleans…

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