Do I Really Need a Hero?


Thanks to Bonnie Tyler and her classic 80’s song, I got into the word “hero” today. She makes damn sure we’re aware she needs a certain type of hero. Is there only one kind? No. In books, plays and movies alike we’ve all come to realize there can definitely be more than one type of hero.

Including a bitterly repulsive ogre that we find out is actually somewhat attractive.

If you squint your eyes…

But, hey. He gets the girl. So who are we to argue with Dreamworks?


This all got me a little obsessed. So I looked the word up on google. My best friend. And I’m not surprised to find the word Hero is described as a person, typically a man, who is admired for courage or noble qualities. Or the chief male character in a book, play, or movie, who is typically identified with good qualities. Typically.

What gave me the giggles was the list of google synonyms. It only had one word. Character.

The only thing a hero is synonymous with is character? Being a character or having character? Who knows? I think it’s kind of funny.

Or maybe my sense of humor has deflated since I posted those horrid Nic Cage blogs.

I’m sure the Comedy and Humor gods are more than willing to punish me for that.

Oh well. Maybe google set that up being well aware that a googler can view the meaning different ways. 

So round and round we go. Life is a mystery. The truth hurts. And love stinks. But before I start talking in circles I’m gonna go make lunch.

Have fun contemplating the universe and all its complexities.

8 Comments on “Do I Really Need a Hero?

  1. Lunch? What about dinner, I thought you were making dinner. Great post by the way. What kind of hero do you like best? I love a strong guy that will do the dishes.

  2. I think a hero is someone that comes unannounced where he or she is needed and does things irregardless..
    gets knee dip in shit
    elbow dip in grime
    and heals little kids from Africa without asking anything in return.

    Mother Theresa was a heroine.
    Your fellow fireman.
    A friend.
    Your folks.

    Heroic acts build heroes.

    Is a titled earned by actions. Is to be in the right place at the right time and do what’s right. And if they are not there, they get there. Heroes are doers with little thought and a lot of feel.
    Heroes are the ones setting an example, the ones that say hey this is not impossible and we can do something about poverty, we can heal illness, we can be there in the front-lines giving others a helping hand, hope, wistful thinking. People that believe in humanity for a change.

    People that inspire you with every breath they take and make you see that not everything is lost and how its all worth it if you try hard enough.

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