Memory Lane

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail: the place, the setting, the sights, smells, and sounds.

It’s hard to tell what your earliest memories are. And if you think about it, it’s actually very subjective. What if you believe in reincarnation? Then you might have several types of memories from several different past lives. For me, it’s the jumble of memories of those days just out of the diaper. A knot of images that weave together without really being in sync. Visiting family. Carrying around a stuffed animal. Preschool with my first set of friends. General things that are reinforced by stories told by my parents.

That’s really what the earliest memories come down to, isn’t it? Stories. And I do love stories. Short and sweet. Long and mysterious. Fast and thrilling. Slow and meaningful. All kinds. And those are the things I will remember forever. 

2 Comments on “Memory Lane

  1. Hmm. My earliest memory…although it is a bit patchy, takes place on an RAF camp ( my dad was in the Royal Air Force).
    We lived in a sort of cul da sac and at the end of the road was a cornfield.
    At the top of the field to the left was a farmer’s residence and he kept pigs.My brother and I went exploring and he got stuck in some rather smelly mud…though I suspect it wasn’t mud at all! He began to cry and panic a bit but when I tried to pull him out his wellington boots got stuck and guessed it..he fell over.
    We were about five or six.
    All I remember after that was standing outside our house with some friends watching my mother in the kitchen wash him in the sink. She wouldn’t let him go through the house!
    Then afterwards we had to go back to the pig farm and show my mother where Kevin’s boots were!

    • That’s adorable! I used to raise pigs for stock show and confirm…they’re super duper smelly.

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