Who You Gonna Call?

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

Now, I don’t claim to have any education on the subject of ghosts. Or anything paranormal for that matter. Besides what I manage to make up in my own mind. So lets take this one-sided conversation to the metaphorical sphere. Something I believe I’m more familiar with.

When Google was asked, it told me that being enlightened either means having or showing a rational, modern and well-informed outlook, orrr just being spiritually aware.

The house you see above – with those rusty red bricks, forgotten windows and a dark ashy grey roof – is an inanimate object. Physically. Literally. All parts of a normal reality we perceive from our five senses. But if you bend that reality for just one moment with me and personify the house with that thing I call an imagination, you start to see a home that has seen many things. An enlightened house.

Enlightenment comes with wisdom. Wisdom comes with age. And age comes with ghosts. You know…baggage, demons, scars, ball and chains, lead in the shoes, rocks in the pockets. Things acquired over time that hide the innocent beauty that once was. Like our empty house above. What kind of ghosts do you think it has? What kind of people lived in it? Was it made by a pair of rough family-man hands? Or do you find it more of a cookie cutter company house?

You tell me.

20 Comments on “Who You Gonna Call?

  1. He coulda been speaking about shadows.
    The more enlightened a place is, the longer is the shadow that anything that stands casts behind.
    A ghost could be something related too, to experiences, to things that lived in it, through it and now are no more. Perhaps he was referring to something more nostalgic.

    The ghosts of memories we leave behind?
    The shadows we cast as we grow more enlightened?

    Blah, perspective, interpretation. Mood. So many. – mind blows –

  2. I don’t know about that house, but my home is haunted by the ghosts of the original owners. They live up in the attic, and the banks really gave me a hard time when I wanted to refinance my mortgage. They classified the ghosts as Zombies, and that drove up the interest rate. Luckily, I found a bank that was willing to accept they were just regular, non-threatening ghosts.

      • It’s cool. The Woodburys are a nice family. They stay up in the attic and I always visit them when I go up to the roof to chill with Gary the Gargoyle… This is making you wish you lived in Maine, isn’t it??? 😉

      • LOL Kinda sorta just a little bit actually. But I could never ditch my crazy life in Texas. It’s classified.

      • Maybe I’ll do a blog about it someday 😉

      • I keep just wanting to type a comment of GHOSTBUSTERS. Would that be out of line?

      • I guess you could say I’m a little slow today. But at least I can rhyme.

  3. Oops…I am not superstitious but I don’t want to be the sole occupier of Comment 13 just in case, right?
    Phew…there y’go.

    • Lol! Good call. We probably shouldn’t be superstitious but better safe than sorry, right?

      • I actually don’t have to continue this conversation as you are Number 14. But because I am a polite chap, most of the time…
        And, btw, 15 is also an unlucky number…so oops…

      • Politeness goes a long way I hear. And 15 is unlucky? I had no idea.
        Lol you don’ have to reply back. Thanks for the comments! 😀

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