F is for Friends

ImageLet’s take into consideration real quick that I am indeed a girl. Not a girly girl, but I was officially declared a portion of the female population on the day of my birth. And so far on this blog, I’ve self-promoted, made jokes and talked about new fads in today’s popular culture. What’s next, you ask? Why not talk some girl-talk? Don’t look at me like that. I can do it. 

A great 80’s song once told me that girls just wanna have fun. And what does fun stand for? Well, my great friend Spongebob Squarepants can spell it out for us…

F is for friends who do stuff together. 

Us girls can never seem to go very far without a friend as company. A great example is the group trip to a bathroom. Even I give into that stereotype every now and then. Especially out in public where you don’t know anyone and you aren’t really sure where the restroom actually is. Crazy right? But every girl’s gotta have friends. 

U is for you and me. 

Well, that doesn’t travel very far from the meaning of our letter F. But it does get a little more personal. It’s not just about the presence of friends, but the close relationship. The average human being values loyalty, faithfulness and communication. If they don’t, then they should. And this goes for every woman, girl, lady person out there. What do we love more than Ben & Jerry? That one person we can spill our little hearts out to. 

N is for anywhere, anytime at all!

Okay, so the U and N are sort of stretching it. We all know you starts with Y and anywhere starts with A. But I can’t really have a blog about FYA. So bear with me here. N takes us back to loyalty. Anywhere? Friends will be there for you. Anytime? For sure. Maybe not down in the deep blue sea, but all you need are some friends, a video camera for Vine, and a heart full of fun. 

Because that’s all girls wanna do, right?

Whether you’re a girl, boy, woman, man or in between…let me know what your idea of fun is. Maybe I’ll try it out. 

3 Comments on “F is for Friends

  1. Fun is doing pretty much anything that can distract me from how damn hot it is right now! Your photo is making me very jealous because you guys look like you’re cool and distracted…

  2. Try pouring rain, ankle deep in mud along with 10,000 other people watching the Doobie Brothers play Long Train Running.
    Or walking arm’s entwined with my kids as we enter Ellis Park Rugby Stadium to Watch the Rolling Stones.

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