Grapes Anyone?

ImageSo right now, as I type away on my laptop in the throes of the night with grasshoppers thudding against my window, I begin to wonder about a new technological version of entertainment. 

Forget Tumblr. Why Youtube? Myspace is lame. And Facebook…well…we’re still quite addicted to that, aren’t we? But Vine! Vine Vine Vine. 

All along the grape Vine. 

I have no idea what that means, but it felt right. 

From what I understand so far, Vine is an app owned by Twitter that enables crazy-slash-bored people to create and post video clips. They usually don’t last more than 6 seconds and can be shared or embedded on other social networking services everywhere. Crazy right? 

I’ve seen funny loops, crazy stunts, lame clips and some of the oddest little videos ever. My favorite part of this new Twitter app has to be the fresh outlet for more creativity. Sometimes going hand in hand with stupidity. But we’re only human, right?

To err is human. 

And to video tape it is hilarious. 

6 Comments on “Grapes Anyone?

  1. Don’t get all wrapped up in what might be just another fad. Wrapped up. Get it? That’s good stuff!!! 😉

    • Hahaha. That sounds like something a gargoyle would say 😀

      • I’m about to hit the hay, but in the morning, I go up to the roof and ask Gary if it’s something he would say… 🙂

      • Sounds like a plan 🙂
        Sleep tight, don’t let the vampires bite -,..,-

  2. “grasshoppers thudding against my window”

    Did you have some love-crazed romantic flinging insects at your window so as not to break the glass? Or, perhaps, you live in a land of Judgment and the 11th plague has just begun? Do tell…

    • Oh gosh, I hope it wasn’t a stalking Romeo. I’m pretty sure it was just some lunatic grasshoppers with a suicide mission to get inside. It’s hot out here in Texas, even during the night. 😛

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