I’m not sure what to put here

Recently, I was given some very sound advice to keep this blog alive. They aren’t wrong. What would be the point in having it? Why ask people to subscribe if I’m never providing that quality content? I have a Tumblr blog that I consistently drown in old memes, but I’d rather reawaken this monster like good ole Victor Frankenstein. I really have nothing to say today besides that.

So I guess I’ll give you a poem from the archives.


The green of the trees

Envious of clouds floating free

Rooted to the earth, longing for flight

They leap – they fall – fall to the ground

Become the earth that clouds float circles around

The clouds flow along the trails of the wind

Basking in the sun or blanketing the land

Not allowing the trees or grass or insects to see the shining star

Laughing at the green boy’s jealousy.

The branches cradle the leaves

Reaching toward the sky in mutual plea for mercy

But then the clouds grow angry,

Becoming dark and dangerous

Becoming heavy – becoming huge

The earth shivers in protest.

Guilt is a mother’s tears – the clouds tremble

Drops of pale regret tumble down

Soaking the trees – falling to the grass

Bringing them life – life that cycles back around.

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