They Just Seem a Little Weird

Mommy’s alright. Daddy’s alright. Y’all remember that song?

Just wanted to post a little something about Hurricane Harvey I guess. Since I’m stuck here in San Marcos, right between San Antonio and Austin, I thought I should mention I’m alright. Yes, my parents are alright too. Just saw them today. They dropped off some beans. Weird.

Nothing too dangerous has happened here besides lots and lots and lots of rain. It hasn’t stopped once. Very consistent. Doesn’t get lighter or rain harder. Just more of the same. Thunder goes off every now and then. Lightning is sparse and hardly noticeable. Unless you’re driving around at night when it’s dark. But I’d advise against that.

The wind picked up a few times during the night, but not enough to even break an old twig off a tree. My sympathies are with the coastal region of course. Corpus. Rockport. Port A. Prayers for all you guys. Let’s hope this ends soon.

2 Comments on “They Just Seem a Little Weird

  1. When you make too much you give it away. BEANS are good for you. Tacos or with cornbread… There is norhing weird about sharing when you have extra. 😘

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