A Little Thing Called SHUWPF

Today. June 20th. First day of my Residency. What is Residency you ask? It’s hard to explain. SHUWPF!!! I know what you’re thinking. I’m not making up words, I swear. It stands for Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction program.

One week. Seton Hill. A handful of mentors. A small body of student writers. Craft and Genre Modules. Learning how to make our popular fiction novels the best that they can be.

We. Will. Be. Published.

It’s a Master’s program at a great school in Pennsylvania that helps fiction writers of all genre’s sharpen their writing skills. It’s not just academics. It’s a community. A family. A gathering of like-minded creative individuals that both share and learn together. Probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever convinced myself to have.

90% of the classes are done online throughout a semester, but twice a year, before every term, there is Residency. We get to fly to Greensburg and meet up on campus.

At this very moment I’m watching one of my teachers, the immeasurable Lee Tobin McClain, hand out and sign some of her books for students. After a great discussion on conflict in Romance (both overall and minor) with Dr McClain, I’m all fired fired up! Time to crack open that word document and get to typing.

Write on!

4 Comments on “A Little Thing Called SHUWPF

  1. Tell Lee Hi!!! Create, learn and have fun! I’m jealous.

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