Once upon a time there was a magical place of different colors and fields of bacon. A place called ‘Murica. Once ruled by the stubborn red coats…now land of the free and high taxes. Suuuure sometimes there are racist bigots, religious fanatics and rich elitists, but hey…isn’t that what ‘Murica is all about?


Just kidding. 

But seriously. 

Since when did the Revolution involve brain munching zombies? Is that why we blow up fire works on the 4th of July? Because our founding fathers used them to attract large herds of zombies and wiped them all out at once? 

If that’s the case, here’s to hoping that history doesn’t actually repeat itself. 

All joking aside, I think these kinds of things are hilarious. I’ve seen Ronald Reagan on a velociraptor, Obama on a lion with a crossbow and light saber, Lincoln on a grizzly with a big gun, FDR in a big transformers robot thing, JFK the alien hunter, and Teddy Roosevelt verses Bigfoot. I’ve even seen Bill Clinton fighting an alien invasion with a suicide bomber crocodile and Ronald McDonald as his sidekick. Machine guns at hand, a pretty lady on his side and a freaking saxophone hanging off his shoulder. Not to mention his fly is down. Well…we all sorta saw that coming. 

So, tell me readers, what’s your favorite scenario? Which one is your favorite ‘Murican presidential badass? Or maybe you can make up your own and tell us all about it. I’m excited to read these. 


8 Comments on “‘Murica!

  1. We do live a strange and wonderful land. I’m sure it’s a strange as you have here.

    • LOL this is amazing! Badass Argentinian president? Works for me.

  2. Definitely Ole’ Honest Abe slinging a monster-sized axe to cut down alien Confederates infiltrating Gettysburg.

    Great post.

  3. You must come on over to my blog and read about how we deal with Zombies in Maine. They are a daily annoyance… 🙂

  4. I’m still waiting for Richard Nixon carrying around an M60 under each arm and rescuing POWs in Cambodia.

  5. George Bush, wearing an Aloha shirt, shorts and holding a pena colada somewhere in Hawaii with a mask on and a muffled voice declaring:
    “Hey, Y’all,I found those goddamned WMD’s, Sadamm was hidin’…oops sorry, Jesus. They wuz right here…honest. God bless ‘murica.”

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